Update on Caddoodles training camp (Registration closed)

(revised June 29th, 2021)

We have reviewed the council guidelines and have adjusted our schedule and planning for this year. COVID has thrown us into another year of adjustments. We realize we will not be able to do our normal activities and will embrace the changes we need to make to offer an enriching training camp for older girls. 

Registration for 2021 is now Closed! 

Registration paperwork is now available. There will be NO overnight camping. Girls will need to travel to and from camp each day.

Save the NEW dates:

Aug 9th (8am – 5pm) & 10th (8am – 8pm) Girls entering 6th and 7th grade (First year caddie training for skills)

Aug 11th (8am – 5pm) & 12th (8am – 8pm) Girls entering 8th and 9th grade (Advanced caddie training and enrichment)

  • Location: Camp Lakamaga
  • Please email: caddoodles@gmail.com about inquiries.