Calling all Caddies: (updated July 16th, 2020)

We hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping busy!
Caddoodles has received notification that all camp activities have been suspended through August 31st. Please check your emails for further communication about possible upcoming activities and status of the meetings.

Scheduled Caddie Meetings for 2020:

  • June 23rd (11am-noon and/or 7-8pm)
    • Zoom check-in and debugging. Log in for 10min during either hour to say hi and chat with other caddies. Complete profile survey by midnight.
  • June 27th (9:30am – 11:30am)
    • Personality profile results. Learn how the Caddies fall into different groups and how to best communicate with each other. Vote and choose how you would like to plan, create, contribute to next years planning.
  • July 18th (10am – 12pm)
    • Discuss how you would like to contribute to the training of the new caddies. Plan what kind of trainings each group will be doing (PDF, skit, powerpoint?) Have some fun.
  • August 1st (2pm – 6pm)
    • Meet the new caddies, do some training, play games, and plan for our celebration
  • August 12th (2pm-10pm)
    • Camp fun experience with practice of skills, skits, songs, dinner and bonfire.
    • We will need to know if you are coming!!!  RSVP by Aug 8th

Questions: Please contact us through email at: