REGISTRATION for 2023 is open. Read below for details.

Deadline is April 1st!

Calling all Caddies: (updated January 31st, 2023) Picture from 2022.

Returning Caddies entering 10th grade through Graduating Seniors: Watch for a mailing going out to you soon. Registration forms will be emailed to you directly.
New Caddies entering 9th-10th grade. An email will be sent to the email on file from last year. This email will have instructions on how to apply to be a caddie for this year. The application is currently under construction and will be sent you in February. IF you believe the email on file may not be correct you can email us with your interest and new email we should be using.
ALL CADDIES>>> (Saturday Trainings): If you are unable to attend any of the meetings you are required to send a note to: so we may excuse your absence. The last three meetings are required attendance. These meetings are for you to be PREPARED and be a part of the planning for camp. 
Schedule for Caddie Meetings 2023: (Locations will be sent out to those that have registered)
  • May 20th (Noon to 4)
    • Bonding games, Camp updates, Expectations, What is your role at camp?, Overview of trainings, and more.
  • June 24th (Noon to 4)
    • Plan Theme, design and choose t-shirt logo and colors, Choose, learn, and sing daily song of the day, “get to know you” games for camp, review code of conduct and expectations, start training. Receive books and Bandanas.
  • July 15th (Noon to 4)
    • Training, review and recap roles at camp, Receive and learn walking craft, Review chosen songs of the day, and more.
  • July 29th Pre-camp (8:30am – 4:30pm) @ Lakamaga day camp unit (Eagles Nest)
    • Final training skills needed for your specialist positions (Bring Caddie Books)
    • Use skills to cook lunch
    • Get to know and review final camp schedule and last-minute updates
    • Discuss/review Sunday pre-camp schedule
    • Group bonding activities
  • CAMP SET-UP Sunday, August 6th. Arrive @ 1p
    • Prepare camp for Monday campers. There is alot to do.
    • Set up personal tents
    • Final Camper unit review and schedules
    • Sunday night caddie event
    • Sleep good for camper arrival Monday morning

Questions: Please contact us through email at: