Calling all Caddies: (updated March 23rd, 2021) Picture from 2019

We need to hear from you ASAP if you are interested in being a part of our program this year. Please watch your emails for an urgent message you need to reply to. Full camp details will be explained in our first meeting at the end of April. 
Caddoodles has reviewed the GS guidelines for camp and we will have a modified version of camp this year. We will not be able to offer tent camping this year. We will be discussing options on how we will have you travel to and from camp each day. 
ALL CADDIES>>>(entering 10th grade through Grad) If you wish to be a part of our program this year please email us so we know you are interested. We are modifying our program to better train everyone while still having fun. We are offering two – two day camps for the week. Monday and Tuesday is all first year skills training for the campers entering 6th and 7th grade. Wednesday and Thursday will be advanced caddie training skills and challenges for all the new caddies entering 8th and 9th grade. Thursday evening will be graduation. More info to come soon.
Scheduled Caddie Meetings for 2021: (TBD if they will need to be zoom or can be in person)
  • April TBD (11am-noon and/or 7-8pm)
    • Zoom check-in
  • May TBD (9:30am – 11:30am)
    • Plan, create, contribute to this years planning.
    • Training for new caddies
  • June TBD (10am – 12pm)
    • Training and planning for all caddies
  • July TBD (2pm – 6pm)
    • Polish training, prepare for camp
  • August Pre-camp TBD (~5pm – 8pm)
    • Review schedule. Review last minute updates.
    • Group bonding activity

Questions: Please contact us through email at: