REGISTRATION for 2023 will open in January.

Calling all Caddies: (updated August 29th, 2022) Picture from 2022.

New Caddies and returning Caddies entering 9th grade through Graduating Seniors: Watch for the Caddie Application to be posted on this page in January.
ALL CADDIES>>> (Saturday Trainings): If you are unable to attend any of the meetings you are required to send a note to: so we may excuse your absence. The last three meetings are required attendance. These meetings are for you to be PREPARED and be a part of the planning for camp. 
Schedule for Caddie Meetings 2023: (Locations will be sent out to those that have registered)
  • May (initial meeting. could be by zoom) TBD
  • June (first in person meeting) TBD
    • Plan Theme, design t-shirt logo, get to know you, expectations, start training.
  • July (finalize caddie leadership activities) TBD
  • July 29th Pre-camp (9am – 4pm) in person @ Lakamaga day camp unit (TBD)
    • Final training skills needed for your specialist positions (Bring Caddie Books)
    • Use skills to cook lunch
    • Get to know and review final camp schedule and last-minute updates
    • Discuss/review Sunday pre-camp schedule
    • Group bonding activities
  • CAMP SET-UP Sunday, August 6th 1p
    • Prepare camp for Monday campers
    • Set up personal tents
    • Final Camper unit review and schedules
    • Sunday night caddie event
    • Sleep good for camper arrival Monday morning

Questions: Please contact us through email at: