For Girl Scouts entering 6th-9th grade in the following fall.

Caddodles is designed to give older girls the opportunity to learn the skills to become Junior Caddies and Caddies and make new friends in the process.

Skills (traits) the girls will learn include: self independence, responsibility, self confidence, and ability to teach.

Girls will NOT be sleeping overnight this year due to the COVID restrictions per GS. Personal travel to and from camp will be required this year. The girls are responsible for each other as a unit to progress through each station on time.

Caddoodles is a progressive program: (COVID modified for 2021)

  • First year Caddoodle Girls will be qualified as Junior Caddies
    • Program Aide Training will be modified this year. The girls will have an opportunity to attend a special virtual training before attending camp and finishing her hands on skills at camp. Links will be sent out after registration has closed.
    • At this level the girls will be gaining exposure and familiarity with various outdoor cooking skills such as building a fire, cooking with a dutch oven and box oven, making tinfoil dinners, as well as one pot meals.
    • The girls will be learning many songs, knots, archery, kayaking, proper care for setting up and taking down the tents.
    • At this level the girls are learning these activities and becoming familiar with them.
  • Second year Caddoodle Girls will be qualified as Caddies upon completion
    • At this level the girls will be gaining more experience with the activities listed as well as gaining the knowledge to teach these skills and activities to other girls. They will have the opportunity to show off their skills while working with the caddies during special challenges.

Our belief is that the girls will be able to learn in more detail and with confidence if they have real life practice performing these skills. The girls will work as a team to learn and teach each other through out their stay at camp.

Activity skills to learn include:

  • Archery
  • Waterfront Activities – kayak/canoe
  • Adventure Course (Cancelled this year)
  • Knots
  • Songs
  • Ceremonies
  • Firebuilding, cooking over a fire, learning dutch ovens, box ovens, tinfoil dinners, and one pot meals. Learning the proper techniques for cleaning up their own kitchen and dishes.
  • Knife safety
  • Games
  • Carpentry
  • Conflict resolution
  • Flag ceremony
  • Program Aide training
  • On the spot decision making (life does not always go as planned)
  • Safety procedures in all kinds of weather
  • Confidence to take the lead and follow through with instructions on their own